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Hey there you beautiful specimen and welcome to our site!

I am Khyla, your main shooter, only editor and who your enquiries will come through to. Maple & Mist was created in August 2018 with the purpose of shooting for campaigns, businesses, marketing etc. I was soon approached by a friend to shoot their wedding reception. It was a lot of hard work and all I had was 1 camera and 1 lens. Not long after posting their preview online I received another enquiry to shoot an entire wedding. 12 hours to be exact. It was a massive job and I was exhausted but I quickly realised weddings are my true passion! I also knew I would need some help. Bringing my amazing husband on board and learning the ropes together. We also have some amazing contractors on the team that we trust to shoot with and for us. I love connecting with all of the beautiful couples that take a chance on us and being a small part of your journey as you become husband and wife.

There is truly nothing more rewarding than capturing your special day and being able to preserve that in the form of a film that tells your story for you to cherish forever.



Hey everyone!

I am Andrew or otherwise known as "the better half" or the "bearded viking". At first I was just the supportive partner who watched his wife take the biggest leap into a career with such uncertainty. It was pretty evident that soon it wasn't just a dream but quickly became our reality. Bringing me along at first just to help out soon changed to second shooter, dress fixer, bouquet holder, veil fluffer and well the list goes on. I am incredibly proud of my wife for the way she has strived to make her dream into something that we both love and for all the hard work she puts into every single edit. The happiness and tears I have witnessed when a couple watches the final product gives us both so much gratitude and fulfilment. We are eternally grateful to every single couple who choses Maple & Mist to capture their big day.

With responsibility comes such a massive reward.

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